Summer’s Eve Feeling the Sting From Stupid Douche Ads

Summer’s Eve wants everyone to talk about the vagina, which is great. But their ads are being called racist because each of the hands doing the talking in their new ads are supposed to represent a different race, complete with stereotypes. For example, the Latina hand’s first words are “ay yi yi yi.” (I also take offense to the term “vertical smile” used by one of the hands. Yeesh. Really?)

The ads are being lambasted all over the place. But according to the company’s U.S. director of marketing, Angela Bryant, Summer’s Eve’s message is “empowerment.”

“This campaign is about empowerment, changing the way women may think of the brand, and removing longstanding stigmas…” she’s said in a statement that’s published on The Frisky. More than that, the post notes that douching isn’t recommended because it can cause a variety of medical problems. (*A commenter notes that these ads are for a Summer’s Eve wash and cleansing pads.)

Whatever happened to the weird but inoffensive douche ads of yore? Summer’s Eve actually saved that for the extended commercial (below).