Summer Work Wardrobe Guidelines: Just Say No to Flip-Flops

flip flopsAloha, summer!

After all, Memorial Day weekend marks the first official sign of summer which naturally lends itself to lighter clothing and lax wardrobes in the office.

How lax is too lax, you ask? According to our friends at OfficeTeam and their summer survey, some of the strangest outfits ever spotted at work include pajamas (that’s worth a pause. Let’s repeat together now: “Pajamas!”), shorts with house slippers, a bathing suit and a dinosaur costume. We kid you not.We’re sure you won’t go to those extremes during the summer but it’s probably safe to say we’ve all pushed the envelope at one point or another regarding summer outfits even if it meant going completely casual in the footwear department.

That said, despite specific guidelines from HR regarding reminders for their company policies, there are some generic ones we should all keep in mind:

  • Some of the don’ts include shorts, sheer clothing, midriff-baring tops, t-shirts, tank tops, hats and flip-flops.
  • Consider this: Even if your company is casual throughout the year and relaxes its dress code during the summer, OfficeTeam says you’ll “still want to look put together at work.” Net net: Don’t show too much skin.
  • As for keeping it together, they advise dressing in layers. You can take off a suit jacket if it’s warm and still sport it when you get pulled into an unexpected meeting with your boss.

Above all, simply use your head and you’ll be fine. For women, sundresses can seem too out of place and for men, shorts can seem like a major no no. There are some smart casual options to consider like what you would wear during the winter except wearing different material like linen and cotton.