Summer We Hardly Knew Ye

It’s the last day of August and the President is due back in town today, which means that in more ways than one, summer is over in Washington. Now if only the humidity will drop.

The end of summer, of course, means that real news will begin to trickle out of this city again instead of the drivel that has filled the wagging-tongue class for the last month. Some things you won’t be hearing this time next week:

Exhibit A — This actually made John McCaslin‘s gossip column today: “The person who penned the official White House pool report of President Bush’s Air Force One flight to California this week was certainly impressed with the onboard breakfast: ‘Egg quiche and bacon, fresh fruit slices and the biggest cinnamon bun you ever saw, even bigger than the ones you can buy in the mall.'”

Exhibit B — The Post published a lengthy op-ed yesterday decrying Powerpoint.

> If you’re interested in Real News, of course, stay tuned to cousin TVNewser, who is following Hurricane Katrina coverage closely.