Summer Superlatives: Sexiest Female

We know what you’re thinking: One of these things is not like the others.  One of these things just doesn’t belong.

And we’re with you. Trust.  When the nomination in question hit our inbox, we assumed one of you wise asses sent it as a joke.  So we planned to disregard the curious candidate.  But a few nights ago, while jamming to our fav. Right Said Fred beat on repeat, it hit us like a ton of bricks: “Sexy Does Not Discriminate.”

Sexy sees no race, gender, religion or age… and neither should our contest.  So in the end, we dropped our narrow-minded definition and decided to let Lizzie O’Leary compete for Sexiest Female (we joke, it was actually about HT).  But winning will take some work for our little Bloomberg beauty because she’s facing fierce competitors like WaPo video vixen Anqoinette Crosby, press corps doyenne and seductress  Helen Thomas, WUSA-9’s Kristin Fisher, and a National Journal combo platter – Coral Davenport, Amy Harder and Olga Belogolova.  It all comes down to your vote!