Summer Olympics 2016: Chicago Ready or Not!

28261062.jpg The last time Chicago buildings lighted their facades with Lite-Brite logos was in January when the Chicago Bears were in the Superbowl. Gosh, that doesn’t seem that long ago. Somehow, “2016 Chicago” seems a bit contrived, not quite as genuine and spirited as “Go Bears.” Yes, this writer is a bit amused about all the Olympics hoopla. Right now the story is whether the city can pull off a bid for the Summer Olympics nine years from now. Honestly,this writer finds it hard enough to dwell on what to have dinner tonight let alone plans for the next decade. It’s also somewhat difficult to ponder hot humid weather when snowflakes are drifting outside her window. Nevertheless, there are officials talking about how to pay for a new Olympic stadium and housing, all things necessary for a really good party with athletics involved. We’re confident all this can be accomplished without destroying a single historic building (hear that Mayor Daley?).