Summer Of The Stadia Shuffle

Last week we were surprised to see that the Jets thing hadn’t slowed down or calmed down or stopped, but was instead actually going full-speed ahead, just like every single New York City planning project ever does! Curbed today points out that not everyone knows what’s going on there, not even the investigatory reporters charged with uncovering this oh-so-scintillating story. They say

The Daily News makes it sound like groundbreaking on an 80,000-seat playpen in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park (on the former site of the World’s Fair Fountain of the Planets) is just a matter of formalities…

whereas even just Newsday’s title “Jets run Queens option” is far more diss-tastic.

If Matt Higgins would only love us like he used to, we’d have more inside. For now, we’ll take the bones we can get and throw them your way.