3 Symptoms of the Summer Newsroom Blues

summersky.jpgComing upon a three day weekend — and living through summer in general — it’s easy to make mistakes. We’re lucky, we can post and promote our stories from anywhere. Recently, I’ve seen some summer haze missteps. Don’t let this be you.

1) The post about a post that’s really a round up of other people’s posts.

Come on, guys. I know there is nothing to write about sometimes (I’ll wait for sarcastic comments about this post, too, it’s only fair), but did you really need content there, that badly? It wasn’t even noon yet and they had all but given up. Have another iced coffee and try again.

2) Overuse of social media cliches. 


ICYMI. Winning the internet. Or worse, emojis. I’ve suffered from newsroom delirium. You stop caring, you think it’s funny, and let it rip. Once is allowed. Twice? Take a ten minute tanning break in the parking lot, come back, and try again. Ariana Huffington would approve.

3) “Because Why Not”

This is a tough one. I would not only click on this headline, but I would love to be paid to have had to research and write this particular example. But there are more serious offenders out there. It’s hot. Even the press releases from that relentless PR assistant have stopped coming in. So go out and get a story. Find a different, new angle in a beat up one. Ask your editor if you can work on that feature you’ve been thinking about starting but never have the time to and weren’t sure it was a great idea anyway. It’s better than whatever you’re about to publish right now, probably. Or, just go on vacation already. Because why not.

How are you beating the summer newsroom blues? Let us know here or @10,000Words.