Summer Internships Up For Auction

vanityfair11.18.08.jpgWant an internship at Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair? All you have to do is raise your hand (and shell out some serious dough).

Room to Grow is auctioning off three-week summer internships at the two pubs (along with ones at CNN and Teen Vogue) during its 10th anniversary celebration at Christie’s on December 2nd.

“Reaching for the Stars” Internships
For teens (16 or older) with interest in media, music, fashion and/or movies, an internship is a priceless opportunity to learn the ropes. We are offering one three-week summer internship at each of these iconic media establishments:
Rolling Stone Magazine
Vanity Fair
Teen Vogue

We will auction off each of the internships individually. You may bid on one or more.

And all this time we thought you had to have the correct qualifications to intern at a major magazine. You know, like being a professional hockey player or something.