SumAll Upgrades Its Twitter Analytics Tool

Analytics hub SumAll, through which you can track performance on 32 platforms, from Twitter and Facebook to Amazon and eBay, has released a major upgrade to the Twitter analytics section of its user dashboard.

Now if you’re a SumAll user, you can conveniently and securely measure the reach of your tweets, identify your most influential followers, see if your account or hashtag is trending, and even learn if specific search terms are generating predominantly positive or negative tweets.

The niftiest part is that those capabilities are situated alongside an overlay of other social, SEO, and revenue trend lines for your business, so you can clearly see what, if any, of your digital activity is driving business results. Pretty powerful.

Here’s a glimpse at the upgraded SumAll Twitter tool:

You can examine your Twitter trend lines alongside those of your Facebook page, MailChimp account, and much more.

Dane Atkinson, CEO of SumAll, said in a statement,

“Twitter is one of our most popular streams and now was the right time to double down on our efforts here. We canvassed more than 10,000 current users on their key value adds and from that set out to accomplish two very important tasks — gauge their overall marketing effectiveness in social media, and target their key Twitter followers.

What’s more, Connected Data means that users can cross-reference their followers’ Twitter activity against sales, Web traffic, conversion to paid subscriptions—any metric, or combination of metrics they wish. The level of detail is both powerful and insightful.”

To see more of what you can track with SumAll, check out the company’s feature-by-feature tour.