Sulzberger Girding For Murdoch Fight

sulzberger_jr_nyt03.jpgEver since Rupert Murdoch quipped to Joseph Nocera that he wouldn’t meddle in the doings of the Wall Street Journal any more than Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. interfered in the workings of The New York Times, the undercurrent of intense competition has been steady. Although Pinch put in an appearance at last Wednesday’s WSJ takeover celebration on Barry Diller‘s yacht, Newsweek‘s Johnnie L. Roberts writes:

“Murdoch’s competitors are already girding for the fight. Executives of the New York Times Co. have met at least once in the past month specifically to discuss Murdoch, according to two well-informed Times journalists who asked not to be named because they aren’t authorized to discuss corporate matters. Declining a Newsweek request to interview Times CEO Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the company’s top spokesperson said only that the Journal ‘has been a good competitor and we expect it to continue to be.'”

This summer’s series of hit pieces on Rupert Murdoch‘s business dealings in China, and the exploration of ex-wife /present wife tensions was the first shot across the bow in what promises to be an interesting media rivalry.

&#151 Ron Mwangaguhunga