Suicide? Plague? Is It Us, Or Is Mike Wallace Really This Dark?

From CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday:

Highlighted Excerpts

On his early use of hidden cameras and “ambush interviews”:

WALLACE: I have no doubt that what we started has become a plague. Because — and that’s a million years ago but we got caught up in the drama more than we caught up in going after the facts.
KURTZ: Why do you say it’s a plague?
WALLACE: Oh, because it’s too much. Self conscious, confrontational, ambushing and news, as you know, has turned into that kind of thing. There’s a lot of infotainment in it and there’s a lot of tabloid in it.

From 60 Minutestribute to Mike Wallace, also Sunday:

What he’s not talked about is something a few of his colleagues always suspected.

“Did you try to commit suicide at one point?” Safer asked Wallace.

“Uh, I’ve never said this before. Yeah. I tried,” Wallace admitted. “I don’t know why the hell you asked me that question because I, other people have and I’ve — it’s the first time I’ve answered it honestly. I wrote a note. And Mary found it. And she found the pills that I was taking on the floor. I was asleep.”

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