Suggestions To Make Your Tweets More Clickable

Word this week is that people are sending 200 million tweets per day, a billion tweets every five days. It’s what the Twitter blog calls “the equivalent of a 10-million-page book” each day.

Still, with all that tweeting, it’s possible to have a total PR #fail, with no one clicking on your content. This week, AllTwitter offers up some simple tips to make your links clickable. Among them, know your audience, a key factor in any promo campaign. Click here for tips.

Separately, it looks like McDonald’s had an $80K Twitter campaign go bust this week with a promoted hashtag, #ANewMcDFavorite, that mustered major negative reaction. One example: “#ANewMcDFavorite is trending right now, but what’s funny is no one likes mcdonalds so its kinda blowing up in their face.” Ouch.