New "Suggested Share" Tag Makes Pushing Content More Targeted

This clever open-source tag pulls in a reader's friends' "likes," and suggests that they share the content with friends with matching interests.

This clever open-source tag pulls in a reader’s friends’ “likes,” and suggests that they to share the content with friends with matching interests.

“Suggested Share” is developer Tom Waddington’s XFBML tag baby, which you can find on his website. The idea became one of the three winners at this year’s Facebook London Hackathon (an event for developers), chosen by Mr. Zuckerberg himself.

Similar tags -like the ubiquitous official Facebook “Share”- allow someone to either spread content to all their friends by putting it on their own profile, or handpick friends and send them the link via private message. What’s new and clever about “Suggested Share” is that, first, it quickly reminds a user of her friends’ “likes” without having to leave whatever page they are on, and second, it lets someone post content directly to a friend’s wall. I think this will give users more compelling and immediate reasons to push content to friends, while also making it pretty darn easy.

Let’s see it in action, shall we? Say you are reading a post about… oh, I don’t know, Lady Gaga’s disco bra over at Cut Out + Keep. This is what the tag would look like in that context:

And a close-up of the actual tag:

To share the page with one person, you just click their name or photo on the list. This will bring up the publisher to post to their wall. A link to the page or post is attached to the message (like when you click on a classic Facebook “share” tag):

Obvious as it may be to state here, the user has to be signed up to the company’s Facebook application and grant access to her information in order for “Suggested Share” to appear at all. However, once the user is signed on, “Suggested Share” brings in her whole network of friends, not just those who are connected to the companies’ application. She she has to be logged on, but her friends don’t have to.

Feel free to leave your comment below if you have/will try this out!