SugarSync Makes It Easier To Copy Files From PCs To Mobile Devices

One of the challenges smartphone owners encounter is how to transfer files to or from personal computers to their smartphone. Cloud announcements by Apple, Amazon, and Google have focused on transfer files from the phone to their cloud services, where you can then access those files from any computer, but what if you want to transfer a specific file that is on any computer to your smartphone or tablet?

SugarSync is rolling out new mobile device management services that enable users to transfer files from Mac or Windows PCs to smartphones via a web interface. Previously, SugarSync stored all of the files synced from mobile devices and computers in one spot and kept those files in sync across all those devices. The new device management feature enables you to see files by device, so you can either transfer to or access files from individual devices.

The new service is first being implemented for iOS devices, and will be made available for Android and Blackberry in the near future. Watch the following video to see how the process works and how you will be notified that a file has been transfered to your device.

Video courtesy of SugarSync