Thanks to Savvy LA PR Pro, Shenanigans Keep Mushrooming

On Friday, Darren Shuster, owner of Encino-based Pop Culture PR, received the following response from The Huffington Post:

Am so sorry, but the blog team editors have declined this… They say that assigning a monetary value to women is extremely problematic… and not appropriate for The Huffington Post. We would be happy to look at any other pieces you might have… Sorry about this one!

HuffPo were responding to Shuster’s submission of an article by CEO Steve Pasternack entitled “Beta Theory: A New Kind of Math for Older Women and Younger Men.” The article cheekily suggests that there perhaps needs to be an addendum to the old “Hefner Corollary” (a.k.a. the “half plus seven dating rule”) used to calculate the youngest-aged women that can be attracted by older, rich men. Although from our LA traffic light and valet parking standpoint, there seems these days to be no limit to how low the female component of that equation can go.

FishbowlLA has read the rejected piece, and while it is entirely at HuffPo’s discretion what they choose to publish, the item did not strike us as offensive. Too commercial a pitch for a dating site, maybe.

Shuster tells us he did not expect HuffPo to reject the piece. But seizing the opportunity, he is now letting media know. It’s just the latest in a series of highly unconventional and wildly successful PR stunts concocted by Shuster for

In February, Pop Culture PR got loads of national media coverage for presenting a multi-million dollar offer to officials in Sugar Land, TX to change the town name to the SD URL. The offer was also made to Woodside, CA.

Currently, another burgh near Atlanta – Sugar Hill – has a counter-offer on the table to Shuster’s. As first reported by Barrow Patch, mayor Gary Pirkle has said no to a March 17 $3.75 million tender for town naming rights and suggested instead a $2 million candy bar co-brand. Barring that sugar-high scenario, maybe Shuster can pan the site and convince one of its eldest, richest male denizens to start calling themselves Sugar Daddie for a while. Imagine the media appearance possibilities: “Our next guest on Piers Morgan Tonight is Mr.…”