Sugar on a Stick Turns Any PC/Netbook Into an OLPC Tool

YouTube video courtesy of CrunchGear

Having bought an OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) XO when it first became available for a limited period in the US, I am not a fan of its quirky Sugar OS platform. However, I think the XO deserves credit for being the prototype in size, price and overall design for the netbook revolution. And, it is because of its historical significance that I still follow news related to it. So, here’s an interesting item from the spin-off Sugar Labs project…

Sugar Labs Announces Immediate Availability of Sugar on a Stick; Learning Platform Runs on Any PC or Netbook In The Classroom

This means that you can install Sugar OS on a 1GB flash drive. It can run on Intel-based Macs using something called a “helper CD” (I need to learn more about this) or on a PC as a Guest OS in a virtual machine (you might want to try the free for personal use VirtualBox if you want to try Sugar on a Stick this way).

You can learn more about how to install Sugar on a Stick/Strawberry on this…

Sugar Labs wiki page

Via Asus Eee News, Mods, and Hacks