Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kity Label Creates Album for Habit for Humanity

Indie darling Sufjan Stevens and his business partner Lowell Brams have just announced that they’re doing a nice thing with a new release on their Asthmatic Kitty label (one we’ve long been a fan of). They’re releasing a compilation entitled Habitat, which will be sold to benefit Habitat for Humanity and was assembled when the two label owners, along with their A&R man, Michael Kaufmann, approached a variety of musicians and asked them to write a song “that dealt with the notion of architectural space.” The three also wrote songs themselves, but under top secret pseudonyms. In total, it’s an eclectic mix of music spread across two discs. So, hey, you’re getting a whole bunch of music, you’re learning about how musicians interpret “architectural space,” and you’re helping out a good cause. Let’s see you do all that with the new Pussycat Dolls album.