Suddenly, Web Browsing Becomes Clean and Simple with Google Chrome

By now, there are probably millions of users who have downloaded the new browser in town – the lightweight, clean and simple Google Chrome browser. If you haven’t, waste no time, head on to and download it now. Or if you wish, you might want to read first, our initial impression of Google Chrome.

First things first, Google Chrome is FAST. It loads and renders web pages fast. It consumes far less system memory than Firefox and IE. According to Google, “Chrome lets you access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab. ” And I’m telling you, Google wasn’t lying about that. No matter how heavy a site is, it loads on a Chrome tab in a snap.

One of the best features of Google Chrome browser is the OneBox for everything feature. The browser’s standard address box, works as a search box on Google Search and as an address box for websites that you’ve visited before. Even better is the fact that the auto-complete feature is enabled. Nothing can be cooler than that.

Another good feature of Google Chrome is the dynamic tab. If you are a Firefox user, you’d be familiar with the browser’s tab feature. Whereas Firefox lets you re-arrange multiple tabs, Google Chrome lets you do more. And that is, you can drag the tabs out of the current browser window to create another Chrome browser window (not just open up another tab). You can pretty much do a lot of things with the Chrome browser tabs. You can even create a desktop short

Next, Google Chrome’s tabs works independently of each other. So, if you happen to open a web application that crashes on one tab, the other tabs won’t be affected. This is simply sweet!

Then, before opening a web page on a new tab you may opt to make it a private browsing experience or what Google Chrome calls as incognito mode. The web page won’t be recorded in your Google Chrome browsing history. Sleek!

Othe features of the Google Chrome browser include; Safe browsing feature that automatically detects sites that run malware and phising attacks, instant bookmarking feature (via the STAR icon on the left side of the browser address box), and a quick way to import settings from your previous browsers (be it Firefox or Internet Explorer).

Google Chrome is definitely re-creating our web browsing experience. The best part of this browser is the fact that it brings along with it the simplicity and clean feel of the Google site which catapult Google into where it is right now in the Web industry.

Others may not accept it, but with Google Chrome, it will just be a matter of time before Google Chrome becomes the dominant browser of choice. Wait till, third party developers come up with useful plug-ins and extension for Chrome.

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