Successfully moved to MediaTemple

After a long time of thinking and searching for best hosting offers I finally moved to MediaTemple. My old hosting company was Dreamhost, but at this company I have several problems and I hope MediaTemple services will be much more qualitative.


When I started to blog (May 2006) I placed at Dreamhost because price for the service was extremely low – If I remember correctly I payed $22 for whole year, including domain name. Such price was because I used promo code which gave me $97 discount for the first year and when you have so good proposal you just can refuse it.

Dark side of Dreamhost is the quality of offered service. I have experienced several short downtimes without any explanation from Dreamhost, especially in summer-fall period and the load/response time from Mediatemple I hope will be better than I had when I was using Dreamhost.

Second thing where I see big disadvantage of Dreamhost is administration panel design. If you are just blogging and doing nothing more web-related this fact isn’t very important for you, but if you own several sites and if you are developing web applications it gets more significant. And now when I use the new designed Mediatemple admin panel I understand the meaning of good design and ergonomics much better. It really save you time and work is much more easy. It also let’s you understand several things faster if you are new at this field, just like me.

There is positive things about Dreamhost too. The feedback and support of clients is very good on my opinion. I had a small problem in the summer when I accidentally deleted something and WordPress platform wasn’t working anymore – they solved the problem in about 15-20 minutes – imagine! I was nobody – without any influence, but they restored the files in several minutes. I still remember this accident and really think that Dreamhost offer one of the best support for the clients between hosting companies.

MediaTemple have build serious reputation between people connected with web 2.0 and it is one of the reasons why I decided to host here. I also have talked with several bloggers about hosting things and comments about MediaTemple features and offered services was mostly positive. Now my first impressions about MT is positive too and I hope that it was the last time when I switched the hosting company.

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