Successfully Marketing With Facebook

Blog TipsI was browsing through the Facebook application directory last night and stumbled upon the Blog Tips application. As usual I checked out who the developer was and noticed that it was published under a company name (Blog Business Summit). I clicked on the company and went to the website which was a conference surrounding blogging. Granted, this is obviously an application that peaks my interest given my dedication to blogging, but catchy applications can be used to market practically anything. In this instance the marketing successfully peaked my interest in attending the Blog Business Summit. Ultimately, Facebook applications and social network applications in general will become as common place as websites. Remember when everyone needed a website to promote their business? Now every business is going to need social networking applications to promote their company. Parnassus Ventures (the hosts of the Blog Business Summit) have successfully done that. If you want to get a daily dose of successful blog tips, go grab the BlogTips application.