Success Magazine Highlights the Gig Economy

Laid off PR pro Tameka Collins a textbook example of #YouEconomy success.

There’s a lot of interesting anecdotal info in Success magazine’s August cover story “Introducing the YouEconomy,” part of an issue that hits newsstands today.

We’re all surrounded by evidence of a U.S. economy increasingly powered by freelancers and independent contractors. Here’s how that scenario developed for one such person, Tameka Collins:

When Collins lost her job at a large public relations firm, she at first began taking on YouEconomy work to bridge the gap until she could land another position in PR, her college major. But through a combination of driving for Lyft during surge hours, tutoring the children of people in her church network in English and taking on short-term contract work in PR, she is now making almost 150 percent of what she made with her salaried position, and even has time to serve as a volunteer librarian at her daughter’s school three days a week and take an active role in the Parent Teacher Association.

“I really only thought of this as short term,” Collins says. “I thought, I got this degree in PR, I paid for college; I better use it. But part of my education was learning how to manage a schedule of things I have to get done and to take care of myself. And I know I’m doing that now. On my time, too.”

The magazine commissioned an online poll from Harris, conducted in May. There are also sidebars from West Coast entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and author Daniel Pink, alongside tons of practical, categorized advice for those seeking to follow the example of Collins and others.

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