Succeed Book Author Collapses

We stuck one foot outside our little media bubble this morning to see someone who’d written a book who was actually a success at something other than making other media.

Herb Greenberg, a 76-year-old blind man who formed a very farsighted company — Caliper does a lot of the personality tests that are increasingly the rage in corporate America and on sports teams (you want to know before you drop $30 million on an NBA player if he’s a complete loon) — was in the middle of talking about one of the book’s pointers on being a success when he collapsed at the podium.

We left as the FDNY paramedics came rushing past the lovely wood panelling in Caliper’s 14th-floor American Stock Exchange offices. And we’re glad to hear that later Greenberg, in his typical feisty fashion, was arguing with doctors about what they should or shouldn’t do to him. So, we gather he’s just fine, and can continue to promote the motivational book that kind of boils down to Do What’s The Right Fit for You but is a lot more motivational. For the record, the full title is Succeed On Your Own Terms, and it’s co-authored with Patrick Sweeney.

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