Subway Joins Facebook, Starts Giving Away Sandwiches

Surprisingly, Subway did not have an official fan Page on Facebook until Christmas Eve. Since announcing the Page on Twitter yesterday, they have been running a Facebook ad campaign that has helped it quickly climb to 215,000 fans (at the time of writing).

We say surprising because Subway is one of the top advertisers in the food service industry with a $375 million annual advertising budget, and because very soon Subway will have more locations than McDonald’s in the United States. So it is a bit surprising that they’ve taken this long to get on Facebook, where many other fast food chains and food brands already have a strong presence.

Though late to the game, Subway seems to have thought out their Page, and are already running a video commercial sneak peak and a giveaway promotion. The exclusive video is a new twenty second commercial featuring Olympian Michael Phelps underwater with his hands a foot apart (for their $5 foot-long subs).

The company’s promotion is also pretty strong. Subway will give away ten $50 gift certificates every week starting from yesterday and ending January 24, 2010 (and per Facebook’s promotional rules, users do not have to be a fan of Subway’s Page to participate). [Update: In fact, you do have to become a fan in order to participate.]. With the general popularity of Subway (and its $5 subs) coupled with this promotion and Subway’s penchant to spend on advertising, we anticipate that this Page will see very strong growth over the next month.