HuffPost Editor Gets the Salty Subway Sandwich Scoop

On his Twitter feed last night, Huffington Post Crime and Weird News editor Andy Campbell wrote: “It’s definitely the most disgusting tainted food story I’ve worked on.” So we can all take small comfort in the notion that this journalist has never come across anything worse than the actions of a pair of quickly fired Subway employees in Columbus, Ohio.

Campbell’s story has been picked up by the Daily News, Daily Mail and others. His HuffPo headline says it all: “Subway Employee Puts His Penis on Sandwich Bread; Another Freezes His Urine at Work (PHOTOS).”

Campbell was able to speak with one of the off-color Instagram pranksters:

In an exclusive interview with HuffPost Weird News, Ian Jett copped to defiling the footlong, but denied doing the dirty deed at work. “I would never do that at work — it was at home,” he said. “This isn’t something I’d ever do at Subway. It was totally a joke.”

The statement given by Subway to the Daily News and other media outlets begins with: “This isolated incident is not representative of Subway Sandwich Artists.” Thank the Italian bread with herbs and cheese for that.

Tom Sussi, an investigative reporter with Columbus affiliate Channel 6, was simultaneously first to the story on the TV side.