Subtle Pallet

I was bleary eyed and under the weather yesterday when I first walked past this new installation on Lachlan’s future domicle, and looking at it sideways I couldn’t quite make out what was going on. It’s one of those things that you need to be looking at head-on from a few feet back to figure out.

As has been documented on Unbeige before, I am a fan of the creative. reuse of shipping pallets. This combined with the fact that this instance of creative reuse had been attached to the object of my abiding obsession equals a home run for me. On my way back from the gallery, slightly less bleary eyed I took these snaps of the installation.

As far as 11 Spring Street goes, I’ve heard rumors on the block that Lachlan, connected as he might be, is having a hard time securing the proper permits to renovate this former stable. This is good news for street art lovers everywhere, because it means the facade continues to serve as one of the most legendary palettes (the other kind) for graffiti, posters, stickers and installations in the world.

While I have no idea what’s next for the building, but as for its recent history, I present to you a loving tribute which amply demonstrates the, ahh, interconnectedness* of the blogosphere. This fabled building is no [redacted] Magazine, but if nothing else it shows the chrysalis blossoming into a butterfly. (Or the hunted becoming the hunter, you have your choice of trite expressions here.)

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Progress is verrrry slow.

Spiers takes note once more, albeit from a different vantage point

* My ladylike demeanor prevents me from using the first phrase that comes to mind. Envision if you will a well-rounded Steve Martin