Suave Tops This Week's Explosive Facebook Pages

This week's list includes pages offering you the chance to score some free goodies, play games and find out about sports and movies.

This week we look at pages offering you the chance to score some free goodies, play games and find out about sports and movies. Take a gander at the leaderboard below, and if you want to see even more data about Facebook, be sure to check out our our statistics section.

This Week’s Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Suave Beauty 322,435 3,446 185,815
2. Australia: The Movie 169,773 -90 157,717
3. EA Sports Madden NFL 533,491 14,657 140,882
4. Dove 619,221 25,158 122,108
5. New York Jets 710,508 1,474 114,730
6. Amazon Kindle 758,793 5,494 111,601
7. I Love You, Beth Cooper 119,370 191 98,791
8. Earth Hour 617,319 3,148 92,540
9. Facebook Brasil 938,415 11,552 88,207
10. wikiHow 827,080 9,929 86,310

Score free stuff: Suave Beauty tops our list this week, as a contest giving away free styling products has surely helped the brand earn more likes. Weekly growth increased 185,815. Another promotion accounts for the page ranked number six: the chance win an Amazon Kindle got 111,601 new entries in the past seven days — the deadline for entry is this Thursday.
For film fans: Two movies that are currently available on DVD took notable leaps since last Monday. Australia: The Movie nabbed 157,717 new fans, ranking second on this week’s list. I Love You, Beth Cooper enjoyed a weekly growth increase of 98,791, to put the flick in seventh place.
Keep feeling clean: Dove‘s body wash sells on the brand’s Facebook page, and that has drawn 122,108 new fans this week. The soap ranks fourth in our list.
Football contests: The popular EA Sports video game Madden had a tremendous week on the social network. The popular page grew by 140,882 gamers, making the application rank third on our list. Helping attract the fans is the chance to win a trip to next year’s Super Bowl. An entirely different type of contest shows up on the New York Jets page, which touts how to become a cheerleader for the team; that helped inspire 114,730 people to tap the like button, putting the team in the number five spot.
Help save the world: Earth Hour occurred this past weekend; 92,540 people clicked like to show their support for the non-profit organization that set up the event. The page ranks eighth in this week’s list.
Last but not least: Facebook Brasil and wikiHow close out our list this week. The Facebook page for the South American country witnessed a 88,207 weekly growth increase, to rank at number nine. Finally, wikiHow’s educational presence on the social network accrued 86,310 new fans, ranking tenth overall.