Stylephile Makes Misplaced Butt Crack re: Farrah Jeans


FBLA warns the sensitive reader (if such exists) that this is a fairly indelicate post. Variety’s Stylephile newsletter reports on a trend in jeans:

Farrah Fawcett has prompted many a trend from her famous blonde “flip” to super clingy tees. The iconic angel represents
effortless sex appeal, toughness and vulnerability all at once–who wouldn’t want to emulate that? Well, Seven for All Mankind is reinforcing our dedication with their hot new high-waisted
Farrah jean for fall. Long gone are the crack baring low riders

What were they thinking? The iconic Fawcett has a rare form of cancer— of the anus. Do we really need the ass crack baring reference?

And did Seven for All Mankind think this was a cool tribute? Or are they just butt heads?

FBLA wishes Fawcett, a fellow Aquarian, a speedy recovery.