StyleBee App Summons Hair Stylists to Your Door

StyleBeeIf you’re too busy to go to salons, then you should definitely check out this app from StyleBee – it’s will hail a stylist for you straight to your door. Think of it as Uber for your hair. One minor setback is the inability to choose your own stylist. The app pre-screens all professionals, so you will have to trust them.

StyleBee artists are licensed professionals, carefully vetted for you so that you don’t have to worry or take time to research them.

They come to you with a few clicks from your phone wherever you are and whenever your need them. Whether at 10:30pm, at 7:30 am or within a couple of hours, StyleBee artists will be there for you.

At the end of the service, the price is charged to your credit card on file and you receive a receipt via email. You also get to rate your StyleBee artist to make sure we keep high standards.

Stylebee is currently available in LA and San Francisco. The prices are slightly higher than typical salon prices (convenience has a price), but the app claims to have lowered their prices in their latest app update. It’s free to download.