Style Votes Are In and Bunten Berry Makes Good (a two-for-one post!)


We’re grouping these together today, so you don’t start thinking we’re a video game blog. First up comes this story from Wired about Danielle Bunten Berry, the tenth game designer to be inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame. Here’s some:

She died of lung cancer in 1998. She’s never really gotten her due, partly because her emphasis on multiplayer was so ahead of it’s time — her game Modem Wars appeared in 1988, when modems for home computers were still a rarity. She’s also overlooked because the game industry is a bit uncomfortable with the fact that she was born Daniel Bunten.

And second, from our new pals over at MaoSayWhat, a kind of clip show, using YouTube pulls, of the most stylized video games ever (or the ones he could think up last night). It is a nice take on usually overlooked art direction.:

These games don’t use polygons to convey realism. It isn’t about art direction (that’s a whole other list), and it isn’t about processing power (yet another). Each game has its own distinctive style that brings itself to life by using various forms and artistic conventions. And, just like watching a film and missing out on a lot of details the first time, you’ll probably only register about 50-60% of the details used in these games the first time you play through them.