Style discovery app Polyvore launches on iPad

Image via Polyvore

The makers of style discovery app Polyvore have answered users’ cries, and have today announced the release of Polyvore on iPad. Previously an iPhone-only app, Polyvore on iPad allows users to browse the latest trends in home decor, makeup and fashion, and offers them a chance to buy items using links within the app.

Polyvore on iPad launches users directly into a trending section, without the need to register for an account. These tabs offer popular selections of makeup, clothing and home decor items, which have been combined into entire outfits, or an entire room’s worth of furniture, as examples.

When users spot something they’d like to purchase, or simply learn more about, they can tap on the collage and see prices and links to purchase the individual items, within Polyvore’s browser experience.

Polyvore also allows users to create their own collages, and follow other users after creating an account (the app supports both Facebook and Twitter connectivity). The experience is similar to Pinterest, as users can both comment on and save items / collages in a “Me” section for later browsing and/or purchasing.

According to the Polyvore Blog, this iPad experience offers easier collage creation, as the development team has designed the user interface to offer as much free working space as possible.

Polyvore for iPad is now available to download for free. Check back soon to track the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.