Stupid Cancer is creating a social app for cancer patients

stupid cancer

stupid cancer

Nonprofit cancer organization, Stupid Cancer, is seeking crowd funding on Indiegogo for its new social app that promotes peer communication among cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. The app is a simple solution that works similarly to dating apps, but it provides a social service that currently does not exist.

Stupid Cancer, the dominant US-based youth and young adult cancer nonprofit, is launching a mobile app called Instapeer and it’s going to revolutionize cancer support. It is the first mobile platform of its kind that will do automatic, anonymous 1-to-1 peer matching for cancer patients and caregivers; and it’s incredibly exciting.

Stupid Cancer currently partners with many charities in the business of peer matching. Their services, which are facilitated through call center helplines, have shown to be invaluable to thousands of people.

Instapeer: A Revolution In Cancer Support (IndieGoGo) from Stupid Cancer on Vimeo.

Stupid Cancer Manifesto 2012 from Stupid Cancer on Vimeo.

Donations of $10 will get you a wristband while $25 will get you a T-shirt. High donors can also test out the Beta, but it might not be useful if you are not a patient or have been a caregiver. If you need more incentive to help the cause: donating to Instapeer is tax-deductible.

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