Stupak Talks About ‘Proper Demeanor’ to Megyn Kelly

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) spoke with FNC’s Megyn Kelly earlier today on hearing the phrase “Baby Killer” during his emotional floor speech Sunday night. Rep. Randy Neaugebauer, who said the phrase, claims he was referring to the Democratic Party and not personally to Stupak.

“We’ve seen in the last year just total instability at times when whether it’s the president, myself or others are trying to speak or conduct themselves in a proper demeanor on the floor you always have this disrupted uncivilized behavior,” Stupak told FNC today.

“We can disagree on these issues as we should and we should have a meaningful debate but personal attacks have no place on it.”

“I don’t engage in it I wish other members would not do the same.”

Watch the video below:

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