Stunning Revelation: Social Networking Ads “Equally Horrible”

An informal poll started Monday by Mashable, the popular blog covering social networks, found that while social networking sites may be among the fastest growing ad categories, not everyone is a fan, MediaPost reports. The article said that readers are asked in the online poll to indicate which social networks had the best ads among Bebo, Friendster, Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn, MySpace, “Other,” and “They’re All Equally Horrible.”

Based on more than 700 responses as of Tuesday afternoon, “They’re All Equally Horrible” was in the lead with 256 votes to Facebook’s 214, the report said. “Coming in a distant third was Friendster with 70, trailed by MySpace and LinkedIn, which both had about 50.

“Social networks are notoriously bad at getting users to click on ads,” wrote Mashable contributor Stan Schroeder, in a post about the new poll. Food for thought, the next time a pundit blathers about how we’re just moments away from figuring out how to monetize it properly.