Stunning Revelation: Rich Spend More Time Online, Even on Cell Phones

The new Affluent Survey from Ipsos Mendelsohn has found that as the rich get richer, they spend more time online, Adweek reports. The study found that the affluent spent 23.4 hours per week online; the number rises to 27.4 hours per week for those who earn more than $250,000 per year.

Cellphone_Keypad_Clipart.jpgThe study also found that the same trend applies to mobile devices. “While 40 percent of affluent households use hand-held devices to access the Internet, the percentage rises to 57 percent among those in the $250,000-plus bracket from 34 percent for those at the $100,000-149,999 level.”

Ipsos Mendelsohn president Bob Shullman said in the article that the findings have big implications for luxury goods advertisers interested in mobile marketing. “If you want to experiment [with mobile], they should probably be doing it much more in the affluent space, because these people are already doing it,” Shullman said. “These people are much higher up the learning curve.”

In addition, about 10 percent of the affluent make Internet purchases using their cell phones, with takeout food being the most common purchase, followed by hotel reservations, prescription drugs, plane tickets, event tickets, and music/video media purchases, the report said.

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