Stunning Revelation: People Like Free Music

iPodfamily.jpgAdAge is reporting that a new study suggests consumers wouldn’t mind ad-supported mobile audio, as long as they’re getting free music in exchange.

“Arbitron and Telephia, in a study released this week, found the mobile-audio space has lots of room for growth — and that an ad-supported model is most attractive when it comes to getting users to consume mobile content,” according to the article.

Mobile audio may be thriving due to the iPod revolution, but on cellphones it’s still rare. We just hope mobile audio doesn’t turn into an ad-infested, corporate-controlled mess, like what happened to terrestrial radio over the years.

No matter what happens, you’ll always be able to purchase music and listen to it ad-free; we doubt that will ever go away. This would just be another piece of the audio landscape.

When It Comes to Mobile Audio, Ads Aren’t a Bad Thing [AdAge]