Stunning Revelation: Mobile Media Access Should Be Cheaper

To overcome sluggish demand for mobile content, MediaPost reports, media companies need to provide a better mix of wireless content more cheaply, according to a new study.

With just 16% of U.S. subscribers browsing the mobile Web, media players need to utilize a variety of formats including text alerts, video clips and small applications to engage mobile users, according to a JupiterResearch report on mobile content, the article said.

“The main reasons users so far have not delved into mobile media are a lack of interest (73%) and the high cost (47%). Messaging remains the dominant non-voice mobile activity. About one-third of subscribers surveyed had used either text or picture messaging once in the last six months,” according to the report.

We’d like to add in the fact that carriers make it exceedingly difficult to figure out which data plans you need, and the different “packages” offered are not only expensive but tough to sort through.

Media Companies Need To Provide Better Wireless Content More Cheaply [MediaPost]