Stunning Revelation: In-Stream Ads are Annoying

About 78% of respondents surveyed say in-stream ads in online video are intrusive, MediaPost is reporting. According to the online survey conducted in December of some 2,600 adult Web users, “half say ads in video content disrupt their Web surfing experience.”

Some more statistics, quoted from the study:

– A little more than half of respondents stop watching an online video once they encounter an in-stream advertisement.

– 15.3% of respondents report they immediately leave the Web site once they encounter an in-stream advertisement in an online video.

– More than two-thirds of respondents (69.1%) say they paid about the same or less attention to in-stream video ads than they did to standard creative units on the same page.

“That could be disastrous for a Web site,” said David Cooperstein, chief marketing officer at Burst. “It’s one thing to lose a viewer’s attention; it’s another to lose their business.”

This follows up on earlier stunning revelations that mobile users can see ads, mobile media access should be cheaper, no one likes pre-roll ads, and our original favorite, mobile ads should be short.

Survey: In-Stream Ads Are Intrusive [MediaPost]