Stumping Sam Is Simply Silly

The recent push to bring the “mainstream media” off the pedestal that many think they’ve been on has largely been a net gain. Many reporters converse with readers over email. Some have blogs. There are more and more ombudsmen (and women). Jake Tapper feels close enough with his readers to write haikus.

This, however, may be crossing the line that separates “accessibility to readers” from “downright silly.” Oh poor Sam

    Stump Sam Donaldson:

    “Politics Live,” the all-politics newscast on ABC News Now, ABC’s 24-hour digital news network, is seeking your help.

    “Stump Sam” is the final segment of each episode of “Politics Live.” We invite viewers and scholars alike to stump ABC’s Sam Donaldson with difficult presidential trivia questions. Questions can involve any aspect of presidential trivia, dating from 1950 to the present. (It’s harder than you’d think to stump — Sam knows his stuff.)

David Gregory in a dunking booth can’t be that far off…