StumbleUpon Intros No Browser-Installation Feature

Despite having not too much noise during the time that it has been operating, StumbleUpon managed to survive the test of times and was able to gain followers and users. In fact, the StumbleUpon site its number of stumblers to around 6,089,710 already. Despite this numbers though, StumbleUpon still has not managed to emerge as a major player in the “site discovery” niche. One thing that in a way hinders SU’s gain of popularity is the fact that some would just not want to install the StumbleUpon browser toolbar. Not until now.

StumbleUpon is introducing a new feature which would require Stumblers to start their site discovery activities from the site. According to, instead of the browser toolbar, a small frame will instead be load ontop of the web site that stumblers are visiting. This SU frame contains links to corresponding StumbleUpon actions which are present in the browser toolbar. Stumblers who have installed the SU browser can still use the said toolbar, although SU is encouraging stumblers to start their activities on the StumbleUpon site.

The StumbleUpon home page now features a top bar which contains different categories that when Stumblers click on will start their site discovery activities. The new toolbar will follow Stumblers from site to site to give them quick access to SU commands for rating and stumbling on new sites.

Relatedly, StumbleUpon will also soon launch a new partner program which will offer sites with SU installed to have the “Stumble This” button on their sites. The button even has a counter to monitor the number of Stumbles that the site received.

This partner program will be available initially to political blogging network such as the Huffington Post, HowStuffWorks, Rolling Stone online and National Geographic.