StumbleUpon Deriving More Dollars From ‘Discovery’

StumbleUpon, which raised another $17 million in funding last week, is rolling out a new tiered pricing option, as well as a suite of new analytics for advertisers. Now brands that need to reach consumers during a specific window, such as movie advertisers, can pay more to do so.
StumbleUpon is designed to help Web users discover more content sites based on their interests or peer recommendations. The company’s Paid Discovery product places links to marketers’ sites or videos within a user’s stream of recommended sites.
Previously, Paid Discovery cost advertisers 5 cents each time StumbleUpon sent them traffic. Now, they can pay either 10 cents or 25 cents per lead to ensure their sites or campaigns receive varied levels of priority.
“We’ve definitely had some good initial success with [Paid Discovery],” said Jack Krawczyk, StumbleUpon’s senior product marketing manager. “But brands want flighting, they want flexibility. This takes us from 65 mph to 95.”
In addition to the new pricing options, StumbleUpon is also introducing some new analytics for advertisers. For example, brands will be able to track how frequently users that engage with a particular StumbleUpon campaign and share it view Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.
Plus, StumbleUpon says it can now offer targeted campaigns to specific devices, including the iPad, iPhone and various Android devices.
According to officials, StumbleUpon has 15 million registered users globally, with the majority residing in the U.S.