StumbleUpon Offers Alternative To Banner Ads

The discovery engine StumbleUpon helps millions of readers explore the Internet, generating some impressive traffic in the process. Now, they’re offering an alternative to traditional banner ads on the Internet. In this week’s Media Beat interview, CEO Garrett Camp outlined the company’s new ad program.
“Paid Discovery is a way for anyone with interesting branded content to distribute it to StumbleUpon members. We have a community of 15 million people, they’re stumbling, they’re looking to find interesting stuff. Every time they click the ‘Stumble’ button, they say ‘I want to see something cool matched to my interests,'” Camp explained.
“If you have something that you think may be of interest to our community, you can actually become one of those stumbles. The way our system works is that one in 20 stumbles will be a paid placement matched to your interests … Unlike a banner ad network, there is no click. It totally skips the click — it becomes the page you view in your stumble-stream.”


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You can also watch this video on Mediabistro’s YouTube channel.