Study: Within Four Years, 70 Percent Of All Mobile Ads Will Be Local

According to the recent projections by forecaster BIA/Kelsey, mobile ad spending in U.S is expected to spike to $4billion by 2015, from just $790 million in 2010. The targeted local ads will be the key drivers in the growth and are expected to account for 70% i.e. $2.8 billion of the total spend, compared to $404 million or 51% this year.

If we consider the ability of geo-targeting in even today’s mobile and social apps, it is not hard to foresee that local ads will make up the lion’s share of mobile advertising in the coming years. In years to come most users will be carrying some kind of smartphones and moreover the devices will be their constant companion. Therefore, betting on the supremacy of local ads will be safe one.

During 2011, brand promoters are also innovating their campaign objectives and mobile advertisement will be reflected as more than just an experiment. The awareness of the advantages mobile advertisement has on brand promotion even in 2011 is also evident of its true potential in the coming future.

However, the big unsolved variable here is the response of the large advertising agencies and major publishers. Big media and marketing solutions company like Gannett have been moving feverishly to reorient their newspaper and business operations further in the direction of mobile world.