Study: Video Ads More Effective on Facebook Than Rest Of The Web

The video ad network titan Tubemogul released research at the OMMA Video conference in New York Tuesday that compared four types of video ads placed in Facebook’s sponsored search area with click-to-play video ad units on other publisher sites. The analysis, comparing resulting costs, viewing time, and other details on a sample of 60.2 million views revealed Facebook’s users to be some of the most engaged viewers online. Read more after the jump.

The research sample involved over 25 major video advertising campaigns from brands such as Symantec, Microsoft and Hyundai. The ad types looked at are in-app display ads, branded fan page embeds and uploads, interstitials, virtual currency placements and sponsored video units that display on the right side of logged-in users.

Facebook ranked as the 5th most popular video site in April according to Comscore, putting it above other popular properties like Hulu. Surprisingly, Facebook also surpassed other sources, like Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Bing, in video discovery. Video completion rates on Facebook compared with offsite revealed Facebook to have superior completion rates around 40% +, nearly 6-10% higher than offsite views.

Another interesting statistic revealed was that videos related to virtual currency and in-banner video ads in apps were about 20% greater than offsite displays. Viewers on Facebook and twitter were found more likely to share, nearly 2% more, virtual currency and in-banner display videos ads with friends compared to other sites.

In conclusion, virtual currency was the leader in most metrics, including price which makes sense as the views are incentivized. Offer platforms like Gwallet specialize in offering developers an frame with branded videos their consumers can watch in exchange for virtual currency. Virtual currency ads also experienced higher click through rates and turned out to be the best buy on a cost-per-view basis.

Tubemogul’s seeing great results of video in Ads (graphics can be seen on the original research) and you can check out their site here to find out more information about implementing video ads in your own online properties.

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