The 11 ‘Worst Places to Work in America’


It seems to be par for the course: gossip around the water cooler, gripe about the company brown-noser, plot an intricate plan to call in sick and go to the movies (or an interview) instead.

This is life at work for most of America.

Hearing that would make most people sad. Reading that could cause a rash of hopelessness. However, fret not: all is not bleak. For those who wonder if it could be worse, there’s always 24/7 Wall St.’s annual list of The Worst Places to Work in America.

At least you don’t work at any of these places. 

bad job

11. Radio Shack. Question asked … and answered.

10. The Children’s Place. How could working to clothe the future of America be a bad thing? Low pay, part time, and pushy sales commandments. Aren’t children the future? Nah, just profit.

no family dollar9. Family Dollar. Growing like weeds is good for business, but sometimes weeds need to be cut. Family Dollar has a 39 percent approval rating among employees: inconsistent schedules, part-time hours, product shortages and overall chaotic management.

8. hhgregg. Like its competitors in home and electronic sales, hhgregg allegedly treats its staffers like forced labor — and with shares falling 40 percent in one year, that fact will not be changing anytime soon.

7. ADT. Feeling secure? Not if you work there. First, customer service complaints spread faster than the latest Kardashian endorsement. Now, regulators have chimed in for unscrupulous advertising — paying experts for endorsements. Who knew Microsoft could be a role model in this industry, too?

stop dillards6. Dillard’s. There’s a balance between scoring nice sales and being nice to your people. On the good side, Dillard’s shares have risen dramatically; Its customer service score rose 2.5 percent last year. The people providing the service for the sales hate working there, however: no job security, no training, no respect. And terrible publicity.

5. Brookdale Senior Living. This one is sad because it is no secret that some of the poorest paid people in the nation are teachers, military, civil servants, and those who provide assistance in senior homes. Numerous current and former employees reported poor management, understaffing and high turnover–and most of them were part-timers.

4. Jos. A.Bank. Good. I don’t care for pretentious commercials hawking “signature, top-quality suits — two for $199” (read: poly blend). But the staff also hates those prices: no commission for sales they can’t decipher. They might as well work in the sweatshops where those suits are made in the first place.

iphone youtube3. Frontier Communications. When your only client is rural America, times can be tough. However, when it’s “one-stop-light, the-family-tree-is-one-long-branch” rural America, it is a different story. And when the main competition comes from Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T, it’s no wonder people are updating resumes instead of phone lines.

2. Express Scripts. Pharmacy benefits in this business means “work overtime, after time, and out of time.” Why? Because Big Pharma leads to big problems…among thousands of unsatisfied customers.

1. Books-A-Million. You mean they used to sell physical books? Made of paper? In real stores?

In closing, eliminate these saved jobs from your search if you know what’s good for you.