Study: Teens Can’t Decide Which Social Network They Like Least

This week Facebook admitted that it’s witnessed a big drop in use among teens, who apparently no longer want to post selfies where grandma can see ’em.

If you work anywhere near social media, this might be a big deal—but then you probably hear lots of predictions as to which network will rule the crucial Millennial demo or which will be the new rising star (Hint: it’s Pinterest). Our reaction to the news? Meh.

It may shock you to learn that teens are a little…indecisive when it comes to social.

Investment firm Piper Jaffray’s latest semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” behavioral study found that Twitter had displaced Zuckerberg’s baby as the “most important” network for members of the world’s most important demographic. They’re also migrating to Instagram, where they feel they can be more “open and expressive” to a more carefully curated audience. The most interesting finding to us is that Facebook’s popularity has dropped over the past year while Twitter’s has remained constant and Instagram’s has nearly doubled.

Here’s another key finding: “60-70% of teens indicate they prefer to shop the Web sites of their favorite stores” and they’re big into bargain hunting.

In short, mom and dad haven’t really mastered Twitter and Instagram yet, so if you want teens to spend their money on your stuff without their parents’ knowledge, you might want to start there.