Study Suggests Amazon Tablet Could Be A Hit

Electronics shopping site Retrevo recently surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers to find out their interests in a tablet. I think the study affirms some things we have always believed about tablets, such as that most consumers consider the standard tablet price tag of $499 to be too expensive. Retrevo also found that Amazon’s strong brand could make an Amazon tablet a strong competitor to the iPad.

One question Retrevo asked was what would it take for one to consider buying an Android tablet rather than an iPad, and the answer was resoundingly a lower price. Further, it appears that $300 is the sweet spot for the price.

Next, Retrevo asked which manufacturer other than Apple would they consider buying a tablet from, and 55% said Amazon. I suspect that answer is a combination of everyone knowing Amazon, and specifically knowing about the Kindle. Because the Kindle has been so positively received, I am sure many people would expect an Amazon tablet to be as equally good.

It is generally accepted that Amazon is in fact creating a tablet that will run Android, and we expect it to be tightly integrated with the Amazon ecosystem that not only includes books, but music, and apps. What we don’t know is how much Amazon is going to charge for their tablet. Hopefully Amazon takes the information Retrevo provides seriously because I think it is saying that if they sell their tablet for near $300 they will have a hit.