Study Shows iPad Usage Increases Over Time

Back when the iPad was first announced many people were asking why they would the need one. One of the answers to that question that I often heard was that once you started using an iPad you will find more uses for it, but if you are considering buying an iPad that is not a very good answer. If you are on the fence about buying an iPad you at least can now talk with people who own one and ask them how they use it, but of course that was not the case when it first launched. In the beginning many people bought the iPad on faith that it would be a worthwhile investment.

Turns out that the faith of early adopters was warranted. According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Business Insider surveyed 500 iPad users and nearly 80% said they use the iPad more now than when they first bought it. The study suggests that for the people surveyed, the iPad was not just a shiny object that temporarily attracted attention. Even more interesting is that nearly 30% of the respondents said they are using the iPad as their primary computer, which suggests that the iPad could well be having a significant impact on the personal computing industry.

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