Study Shows Entrepreneurship Gap Based on Attractiveness

successThis just in…if you’re a good-looking guy, odds are stacked in your favor if you’re looking to get an investor to buy into your new business.

As per a piece in The Telegraph, a study by Harvard University revealed that investors were more likely to invest in a business if the guy pitching it is handsome. Attractive women entrepreneurs weren’t more or less likely to be successful than less attractive women.

Harvard Business School’s Dr. Alison Brooks told the newspaper:

“We identify a profound and consistent sex gap in entrepreneurship – a central path to job creation, economic growth and prosperity. Investors prefer entrepreneurial pitches presented by males compared with pitches presented by females – even when the content of the pitch is the same. Attractive males are particularly persuasive whereas physical attractiveness does not matter among female entrepreneurs.”

Although investors typically look at business experience and proposals when considering whether or not they should invest with a company, researchers wanted to see if attractiveness made an impact on their decisions.

Researchers got 60 experienced and affluent investors to watch videos of 90 verbal business pitches made by entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Investors were asked to rate the looks of the entrepreneurs and they were also asked to comment on the pitch itself.

It turns out that men who were considered good-looking were 36 percent more likely to be successful than men who were viewed as unattractive. Researchers mentioned that attractive males were “particularly persuasive.”

So what if you’re not necessarily eye candy but you’re smart and want to snag an investor’s attention? The piece suggests to “work harder and prepare more.”