Study Says HP #2 Tablet Maker in 2011

A very odd thing happens when you sell a tablet for 80% off the retail price; people go nuts trying to buy it.

Over a million tablets were sold in the US in the first 9 months of the year, according to a recent report released by The NPD Group. Analysts also beleive that the 1.2 million tablets brought in over $415,000,000 in revenue.

Now, that 1 million tablets is good news, but it pales in comparison to the over 11 million iPads sold in that same 9 months. But that’s okay for the tablet makers, becuase didn’t buy an iPad was never going to. “According to NPD’s Consumer Tracking Service, 76 percent of consumers who purchased a non-Apple tablet didn’t even consider the iPad, an indication that a large group of consumers are looking for alternatives, and an opportunity for the rest of the market to grow their business,” said Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD.

Of those 1.2 million units, HP made it to first place by a nose, with Samsung coming in a close second (17% vs 16%), and Asus, Motorola, and Acer filled out the top 5. But of the 5, I would bet that Samsung was the most profitable, not HP. That comes as no surprise; HP announced only this week that it lost $3.3 billion on webOS, which means anything earned during the TouchPad fire sale was swallowed up by red ink.