Study: Retargeting on Facebook & display leads to greater CTR


While retargeting is a growing trend on Facebook, a new study by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Marin Software shows that brands who serve these kinds of ads both on the social network and through display tend to have more success than those who retargeted only on one or the other.

Marin conducted a study about retargeting — where ads are shown based on browsing or purchasing behavior — among 233 marketers in Q2. Each month, both Facebook and display ads saw rises in CTR when combined.

Overall, 88 percent of marketers polled by Marin Software said they currently use retargeting. Of those who said they did not, 56 percent said they planned to utilize retargeting in the future.

Marin Software Chief Marketing Officer Matt Ackley talked with Inside Facebook about the effectiveness of combining Facebook and display retargeting:

It starts with the premise that the path to conversion is a multi-channel path. It’s not like somebody just uses search. It’s not like someone just goes to Facebook and gives all their information. I think the fact that it is a multi-channel path means that you have to be present when you’re implementing different types of targeting strategies. You have to be present across channels in order to stay top-of-mind.

Ackley also talked about how taking a more holistic view with regard to retargeting allows brands to really control the message that users and consumers see. This kind of technology allows marketers to really learn more about who a consumer is and what their purchasing habits are like. However, marketers are becoming mindful of ad fatigue and are still trying to figure out the right amount of viewership before the ad becomes repetitive and annoying to the user.

Here’s a look at how retargeted Facebook ads performed in Q2 when they were combined with display.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.51.00 PMAdditionally, here’s a look at clickthrough rate stats for display advertisers who also utilized Facebook’s retargeting options.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.51.03 PMThe report by Marin Software — available in full here — also outlines some best practices for marketers using retargeting:

However, if you can overlay search intent on top of your basic retargeting lists, you can segment and refine them to give you more insight and increase the likelihood of conversion. By knowing that a person came in on a particular term, such as a price comparison term, the marketer could know what elements of the retargeting campaign they should tailor, whether it’s the retargeting window (shorter windows for those further along the buying cycle), the creative (featuring the product the user viewed), and the messaging/promotional language (a discount code or comparative claim).

Readers: Do you utilize retargeting?

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